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CEO Greeting

  • RNU is a digital convergence related specialized educational institution and IT company that provides knowhow on high tech R&D in contributing to local digital convergence technology growth.

    Thanks to the encouragement and support of all customers who have believed in our technological power along with the pride of having been a hidden force behind the growth of IT industry, we at RNU are striving to march forward through continuous change and innovation without satisfying to the present.

    By focusing on future core growth industries of IT convergence R&D and U-Health industries besides embedded product development, we will be reborn again as a genuine digital convergence specialized company that could appropriately cope with the rapidly changing global IT environment.

    We at RNU promise to provide optimum service that could adequately cope with customer requests with high quality multi-purpose production and R&D through top class embedded technology for blue ocean creation in line with the digital convergence era.

    To leap to a specialized company that opens the future of digital Korea, I would like to ask for your everlasting trust and support on behalf of all RNU staff who are making every effort for the future.

    Thank you