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Center Introduction

  • RNU Education Center is rebuilded as eForge Education Center. We promise we provide high quality educational service and customer based responsibility service.

  • Excellent tools increase work efficiency. As the mind of blacksmith who makes tools using molten metal, we will make an effort to provide high quality hardening for embedded & moblie system developer.

  • Since 2002 when RNU Education Center was established in, we've created the most education course for digital information appliance in korea.

  • Especially we created many courses such as ETRI embedded technology transfer education and new workers education for LG electronics, Samsung electronics wireless division. we have world best instructors having various on-site education and R&D experience. eForge education center have the goal, "Be the best education center for the next generation digital convergency developer". and we'll make "The Best Education Practices" with you.

  • These days, it's difficult to get talented people. How do you solve HR problem to enhance your competitiveness?

  • Through the solution for making talented people by eForge, you can procure Technical ability and cultivate talented personnel at the same time. We serve customized education service such as regular educational course, on-site course, and commissioned educational course. Meet the best instructors for digital information appliance in eForge education center.
  • 1. Customized educational service like Regular educational course and commissioned educational course.
    2. Instructors having expert knowledge, great ability to education, and R&D experience.
    3. Ability to cultivate talented personnel through the curriculum based on industrial demand.
    4. Educational infrastructure through mutual cooperation with organization for company support.